3 Trends in Smart HVAC Tools

Technology is advancing around us all the time, including HVAC tools. HVAC tool technology is creating more connectivity between technicians, their equipment and the office, shaping the HVAC industry now and in the future.

Here are 3 trends in HVAC smart technology that could have some benefits for HVAC technicians, making their job easier, faster and safer.

1. Digital Gauges Are Replacing Mechanical Gauges
A manifold gauge is a tool intended to measure the pressure of refrigerants in refrigeration systems. Historically, HVAC technicians would take pressure readings from mechanical gauges. Modern technology is trending toward digitizing these readings, which allows the data to be logged and tracked.

Digital gauges come in to bring precision and speed. They come with a broad selection of refrigerants, so techs can test scores of refrigerants with one gauge. Digital gauges are far superior for testing and adjusting the charge, and they’re imperative if you want accurate superheat and subcooling readings.

2. HVAC Tools Are Going Wireless
Wireless HVAC tools reduce the need to run long extension cords to power sources. For example, sometimes an HVAC tech would need to bring a tool up to a roof.
Because of their inherent nature, wireless devices offer ease of installation and startup. Control of HVAC systems can be remote, making it convenient and efficient. Efficiency gains lead to cost savings for commissioning, operation, and maintenance

3. HVAC Tools Are Getting More Connected
HVAC tools are increasingly able to interact with cell phones and other digital devices. With greater connectivity, the technician can access a tool’s data stored on the cloud. It brings greater flexibility and movement.