Answers to commonly asked questions about our products.

 Very easy to use. Turn on the power and the instrument starts to warm up. Put the sensor approach to the leaking place, It has three sensitivity levels, once the leak detected, it will begin beep sharply and the indicator will flushing red. For more operation instructions, please check the video on youtube.

 The only differences are sensitivity and battery: LD-100: 6 adjustable sensitivity, 3 AA batteries. LD-200: 7 adjustable sensitivity, rechargeable lithium battery.

It uses 3AAA batteries, and for lithium battery, please choose the upgraded one LD-200.

Carrying case:LMC-100A/LMC-100F.   Carrying bag with a shoulder strip: other models.

Yes, it has an auto shut off but no it does not save the weight when it turns off when you turn it back on it will read the current weight that is on it.

 Yes, it reads in ounces, kg and lb.

The scale cannot connect to the phone and the remote at the same time. Please disconnect the remote before you connect the phone. Download the App firstly and enable the Bluetooth on your phone; Open the App, push the Bluetooth on the scale, then the scale will be found by the App.

rdg = reading.For example, the current reading is 500g, then the accuracy is ±0.05%*500g+10g=±10.25g.

The remote has a ZERO button. When you power up the unit on a solid and level surface, press the ZERO button and it’s zeroed.