Terminator of Refrigerant Mechanical Pressure Gauge

The market capacity of instrument tools in the HVAC/R industry is increasing year by year with the development of the HVAC/R industry and the increase in auto capacity. As one of the most commonly used categories, the refrigerant pressure gauge set will also steadily increase its market capacity. The refrigerant gauges can be applied to the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of refrigeration systems such as refrigerators in the refrigeration and HVAC industry, household air conditioners, central air conditioners, cold storage, and automotive air conditioners.

At present, most of the pressure gauges on the market are still occupied by mechanical gauges. Mechanical refrigerant gauges have been used in the industry for decades, with the advantage of lower cost occupying a leading position, but its reliability, and accuracy are generally lower than the digital pressure gauge.

However, in the past, the digital cost of products was relatively high, and it has not been popularized in traditional HVAC industry applications. With the digital transformation of various industries, the maturity of digital circuit technology, the improvement of industry standards, and the rise of labor costs, The digital transformation of instruments in the traditional industry is imperative. At present, the digital gauges on the market are generally much more expensive than the mechanical gauges, In order to have a higher penetration rate, our ARTEMIS digital manifold for the mid-end mechanical gauge market came into being.

Our company adheres to the digital innovation of products and uses digital pressure sensors to accurately collect pressure and temperature to make the measurement more accurate and stable. It is also equipped with storage and Bluetooth to make data traceable and improve the efficiency of user failure analysis.

ARTEMIS adopts MEMS technology thick film ceramic digital pressure sensor, combined with precision amplifying operation circuit and 32-bit MCU master control, the pressure acquisition is accurate and reliable, equipped with 128*64 dot matrix LCD screen, the data is clear and accurate, and at the same time through APP ” Elitech Tools”, interconnected with existing smartphones to realize data query, analysis and traceability, and remote firmware update (OTA). The background will combine cloud computing to empower data and bring a better experience to end customers.