Growing Trends in Tool Technology Bring Benefits for Technicians

Air conditioning and heating systems are perhaps the most consumer-facing products in the HVAC industry, but technicians’ tools are the products that make it all possible. Technological developments are consistently improving the tools technicians have to use.

Trends In HVAC Tools
Digitalization is quickly becoming standard in the HVAC industry, powered by smart instrumentation and app-based connectivity. Now, HVAC tools can communicate with other tools, connect with mobile devices, and store data by utilizing cloud storage. This means that technicians can share instrument data with the home office remotely when in need of additional troubleshooting expertise, and the data for an individual piece of equipment can be stored online.

Wireless communication means that technicians no longer need to run between indoor and outdoor equipment. They can gather measurement information, perform manual calculations, and can multitask during certain aspects of the job until an alarm sounds on the tool or their mobile device. Time is saved, and money is earned.

All in all, the digitalization of tools means that they are getting lighter, faster, more versatile, and increasingly integrated with smartphones as they move more and more into AI and the Internet of Things.

Tools for Technicians
Technicians want tools that are safe, easy to use, and will get the job done faster. Digitalization certainly plays a role in accomplishing these goals, but new tools incorporate even more. We consistently hear from HVAC technicians that they strive for efficiency, as well as only wanting to go to a job site just once, new tools are eliminating what have long been hassles for the technician.

Plus, as green refrigerants grow in popularity in the HVAC industry, safety becomes a top priority, and technicians will need to handle those refrigerants with care. HVACR tools are becoming A2L compliant to work on mildly flammable refrigerants, helping technicians stay safe.

Bringing in the Next Generation
New tools are making the HVAC industry more accessible for the next generation, they are making room for technicians to be even more efficient and service more customers, and are offering the opportunity to make the industry more exciting. This could even help contractors whether the labor shortage. Contractors can show potential recruits the cutting-edge technology of the HVAC industry. Recruits can see how the HVAC industry exposes them to fascinating technology that can both be exciting and contribute to a stable career.