Elitech LMC-310A Wireless Refrigerant Scale Freon Scale HVAC Charging Valve 330lbs/150kgs

  • UPGRADED ELITECH TOOLS APP: The scale can be controlled by either its wireless handle or the Elitech Tools app. The accuracy of LMC-310A is ±0.05% readings +25g, and the capacity is up to 330lbs(150kg).
  • CHARGING VALVE INCLUDED: This allows the user to control the exact amount of refrigerant transferring to and from the A/C System and gives alarm and pauses when it reaches programmed values.
  • CHARGE/RECOVERY/HOLD/ZERO: 9 buttons design, allow users to select from charge, recovery, zero and hold functions according to different work requirements; 3 units optional: Kg/Lb/Oz.
  • AUTO POWR OFF & BACKLIGHT: It helps conserve battery life.  The battery life of the platform and remote control are visible at all times, the platform automatically goes into standby when the remote is turned off. the backlight on the remote to read the display in dark environments.

Elitech LMC-310A 330lbs refrigerant scale is highly accurate and easy to operate with compact construction. The platform is made of thick aluminum to maintain accuracy over the life of the product. Rubber pad cushion both the tank and the scale itself. A new wireless protocol sends platform measurements to both the included remote display and the Elitech App. Elitech HVAC digital charging scale makes it a great solution for both large capacity systems and critical charging of small systems. Its 0.2 oz. resolution and 0.05%+25g accuracy under all conditions make it the most accurate and precise refrigerant scale in the HVAC/R field.

Wireless Remote and App Control
  • Wireless communication between the platform and remote control within a 33-foot (8m) wireless range.
  • Elitech Scales offers free ios or android App
  • With Elitech Scales App, you can view or operate the weight value and measurement directly on your mobile device or monitor the weight from a distance.(Wireless range: 35 ft)
Three Display Modes

Elitech LMC-310A is compatible with all refrigerants and displays the measurements in three different metrics – ounces, pounds, and kilograms, thus eliminating the need to use the calculator to convert the units for recording purposes.

Additional Charge and Recovery Valve
  • Setting a charge or recovery value by using the wireless remote and it will close automatically when the charge or recovery is complete.
  • Once you dial in how much refrigerant to charge or recover you can work on other tasks, knowing the alarm will sound when it hits your target. It shows the progress of the charge or recovery, as it‘s happening, indicating when to close the valves and stop the charge or recovery. Works with any refrigerant in any system.