Elitech MS-1000 HVAC Digital Manifold Gauge 2 Valves With Thermometer Clamps

  • AFFORDABLE YET FUNCTIONAL: Elitech MS-1000 is a combination of complete functions and favorable prices. It is designed to provide HVAC customers with the best product experience and the most affordable price.
  • PROFESSIONAL TOOL: Monitoring the process of pressure holding and vacuum leakage test precisely with temperature compensation.
  • COMPACT, PORTABLE & DURABLE: Ultra-low power consumption, longer battery life of 200 hours, replaceable battery.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Supports 88 types of refrigerants, auto calculation of overheating and supercooling, temperature compensation, auto-off, 5 pressure units: psi, kg/cm2, kPa, MPa, bar, and 2 temperature units:°F/°C.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Large display, two temperature clamps included, a hanging hook on the back. 

Refrigerants list:

R113 R114 R115 R116 R12 R123 R1233ZD R1234ZE R1234YF R124 R125 R13 R134a R14 R141B R142B R143A R152A R170 R22 R23 R236FA R245FA R290 R32 R401A R401B R401C R402A R402B R403B R404A R406A R407A R407B R407C R407D R407F R408A R409A R410A R410B R412A R413A R414A R414B R416A R417A R417C R420A R421A R421B R422A R422B R422C R422D R424A R426A R427A R428A R429A R434A R437A R438A R441A R443A R448A R449A R450A R452A R452B R453A R454A R454B R455A R458A R500 R502 R503 R507A R508A R508B R514A R600 R600a R601a R718 R744