Elitech PG-30 Red Digital High Pressure Gauge for HVAC Refrigerant with Backlight

  • Unit conversion between MPa, kPa, bar, psi, kg/cm², cmHg. Pressure range is -14.5~800psi (-0.1~5.5MPa), accuracy: ±0.5%FS, resolution: 0.5psi.
  • Automatically perform pressure/temperature calculations for up to 91 different refrigerants, including: R134A, R410A and R22 refrigerants and etc.
  • The air pressure gauge’s digital backlight display provides clear results even in the night. The 4-digit LCD display allows for easy point-of-reference pressure readings.
  • Powered by CR2450 battery and works around 6 months. The backlight automatically shutdown in 6 seconds, power-saving and longer using time.
  • Displays screen alarm indication when over range; adjustable temperature unit: Celsius or Fahrenheit; rugged housing with registration for reliable service. 

PG-30 digital pressure gauge can test pressure and corresponding evaporation temperature, with backlight, manual calibration, automatic shutdown, units conversion, low power alarm, refrigerant types selection and other functions. Battery life up to six months, it is used for refrigerant and maintenance, pressure vessels, pressure monitoring.

  • Pressure Measuring Range: -14.5 ~ 800psi ( -0.1 ~ 5.5MPa)
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃ ~60℃
  • Resolution: 0.5psi
  • Accuracy: ±0.5%FS (22℃ ~ 28℃)
  • Battery Life: six months
  • Power supply: 3V CR2450 button cell
  • Sampling Period: 1s
  • Compatible Refrigerants: 91
  • Screen Display Size:1.5”*0.7”
  • Auto-off: 6s
  • Measurement Units: MPa, kPa, bar, psi, kg/cm², cmHg
  • Temperature Unit: ℉ / °C
  • Over Range Alarm: display -OL-