Elitech PG-30Pro Blue Refrigeration HVAC Digital Pressure Gauge -14.5-500 PSI

  • Stable and Reliable Sensor: Use temperature-compensated pressure sensor, temperature drift not exceeding ±0.04%FS/℃
  • LCD Screen& Blue Backlight Display: Partition display for different measurements, direct readings for all measurements.
  • Various Refrigerants Options: Built-in 87 types of normal refrigerants PT comparison table for your convenience.
  • Zero Function: If deviation occurs at zero point, use ZERO button to zero out and correct the system.
  • Two overload warning indications: The screen displays ALARM or if the overload is too high, the ALARM & backlight will flash simultaneously.

As long as there’s been air conditioning, there’s been Elitech for automotive and HVAC/R air conditioning (A/C) refrigerant recovery, recycling and recharge tools, equipment and accessories. OEM vehicle manufacturers, industrial and commercial contractors have turned to Elitech for A/C service products since 1996.

PG-30Pro digital low pressure gauge that measures system pressure in real time. It is designed for use in piping system, refrigerated system and other applications.

Stable and Reliable Sensor
  • Use temperature-compensated pressure sensor
  • Six different measuring units to choose: MPa, kPa, bar, psi, kg/cm², cmHg
  • A wide range of measurement: -0.100 ~ 3.448MPa (-14.5-500 psi)
Two Overload Indication
  • It display “ALARM” on the right top of the screen when overload is higher than 500 psi.
  • Backlight flashes and screen displays “ALARM” when the overload is above 625 psi.
Various Refrigerants Options and Zero Function
  • PT tables lists 87 types of normal refrigerants
  • Switch Refrigerants: in the home page, press and release SET or ZERO key to scroll through refrigerant types and related value.
  • If deviation occurs at zero point, use ZERO key to zero out and correct the system.
  • In MAX/MIN page, press and hold ZERO key to clear the MAX/MIN value.
  • In home page, press and hold ZERO key to clear current value; press and hold it again to recover the value.
  • Note: Do not ZERO during measurement.