Elitech BT-3 Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Temperature and Humidity Monitor Indoor/Outdoor

  • Digital Thermometer: Monitors indoor/ outdoor temperature (℉/℃) & humidity with measuring range: -58℉~ +158℉; 20% – 99%RH(relative humidity).
  • MAX & MIN Records: Automatically stores the max./min. values of the indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity.
  • Clock Function and Alarming Function: Switchable clock display 12 or 24 hours; Settable alarm time.
  • Three Mounting Options: Tabletop, wall-mountable and magnet-mountable design allowing you to conveniently attach or place your thermometer and hygrometer wherever you desire.
  • Air Comfort Indicator: Humidity meter shows the comfort level of your home or office or factory, based on current humidity level (DRY/COMFORT/WET), always be aware of the air conditions around you. 

Elitech BT-3 LCD Indoor/Outdoor Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity Monitor with Clock and Min/Max Value

Indoor/ Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer Temperature Humidity Meter BT-3 is characterized by the large LCD screen which is designed for easy readouts of the humidity and temperature measurements.

5 Benefits of Monitoring Temp & Humidity Indoor or Outdoor:

  • To keep a certain product fresh in a room like where fruits and vegetables are stored, or a sealed box like a cigar in a humidor;
  • To monitor the environment for fermentation like in beer or winemaking or for incubation of eggs;
  • To ensure the maintenance of good quality in some special personal collections like paintings, guitar or clothing;
  • To give a healthy environment, for example, maintaining a good air quality to avoid dryness on skin and eyes that causes discomfort and breathing-related illness like asthma.


  • Internal sensor measuring range: 0℃~ +50​℃ (32℉~ +122℉), 20%RH – 99%RH
  • External sensor measuring range (temperature only): -50℃~ +70​℃ (-58℉ ~ +158℉)
  • Resolution: 0.1 ℃ /0.1 ℉ ;1%RH
  • Power supply: 1* 1.5V DC AAA battery
  • External sensor wire length: 2m


  • Measure and display the indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity
  • Automatically memorize the max./min. values of the indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity
  • Switch between ℃ and ℉
  • Clock function and alarming function
  • 12/24 hour mode switch
  • Recovery function on the max./min. values