Elitech WT-10 Digital Thermometer Instant Read Meat Cooking Food Thermometer

  • Fast Response Time: Needle probe thermometer provides fastest response time with only 8 seconds to measure from 0℃ to 100℃.
  • New Auto-calibration Feature: Inserts probe in ice water mixture for 30 seconds, long press HOLD/CAL button until CAL appears.
  • Wide Measuring: Cooking Thermometer with temperature range of 58℉~572℉(-50℃ ~300℃), accurate to 1℃; Celsius/Fahrenheit switchable.
  • Auto Shut-off Function: 8 Minutes auto-shut off to save battery life and portable grill thermometer design perfect for outdoor candy cooking BBQ temperature measurement.
  • Hold Temperature: When measuring temperature, press HOLD button, the current temperature value will be saved. 


The needle probe thermometer is a perfect tool with high precision, low power consumption, Large LCD screen, fast measurement, simple modeling, etc.

Durable kitchen thermometer with quick probe made from food grade stainless steel with an friendly ABS plastic body will serve you for indoor and outdoor cooking be it meat, pastries, baking bread, deep frying, candy or drinks like tea, beer, milk, yogurt, wine.

0-8s Response Time
  • Fast response time
  • Just needs 8s to react from 0℃ to 100℃
  • With 5.9 inches long probe, it is the best performing instant-read thermometer.
Calibration Function
  • Place the thermometer in ice water mixture for 30 seconds, press and hold this key until CAL shows, calibration starts.
  • Release the key when 0℃ shows, calibration finishes.
Auto Shut-off

Never worry about battery life! This electric meat thermometer automatically shuts off in 8 min.

Temperature Hold Function
  • Press and release the “HOLD’ button during temperature measurement, it will display “HOLD” on the screen and then the current temperature value will be hold there.
  • When press the button again, then “HOLD” disappears, it will continue to measure temperature.
Selectable Temperature Unit
  • Celsius
  • Fahrenheit
  • Press C/F key to change temperature unit
  • Wide temperature range: -58°F ~ 572°F (-50°C ~ 300°C)