Elitech PGW-500 Wireless Digital Pressure Gauge HVAC 87 Refrigerants

  • UPGRADED ELITECH TOOLS APP(ioS and Android): An intergraded app, allows users to manager all Elitech tools as vacuum pump, digital manifold, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, refrigerant charging scale on one app, more efficient and more intelligent.
  • MULTIPLE REFRIGERANTS & UNITS: Support the saturated temperature-pressure comparison table of more than 87 kinds of refrigerants. 7 pressure units can be selected, psi, inHg, kg/cm², cmHg, bar, kPa, Mpa.
  • APP CALCULATION: Superheating and subcooling can be calculated when entering the pipe temperature in App, fast & easy while reducing manual calculation mistakes.
  • OFFLINE RECORD: The wireless pressure digital gauge can record data offline and transmit the current pressure value to the app by Bluetooth automatically, which helps you read data at any time anywhere.

Key Feature:

  • Free App (iOS and Android): Settable high/low-pressure alarm, you can receive remote notifications when readings move beyond a pre-set value. The data can be saved and exported in Excel and PDF format.
  • Offline Record: The wireless pressure digital gauge can record data offline and transmit the current pressure value to the app by Bluetooth automatically which helps you search data at any time and place.
  • Multiple Refrigerants: Support the saturated temperature-pressure comparison table more of 87 kinds of refrigerants.
  • 7 Units Available: psi, kg/m, cmHg, inHg, bar, Kpa, Mpa
  • Automatic Calculation: Super-heat and sub-cool can be calculated automatically to reduce the error by manual calculation, and get this parameter directly.
  • Waterproof: The pressure gauge is made by ABS and PPT and the waterproof level is IP65.
  • Service 1-year warranty. 30 days free & easy return

APP Functions:

  • Real-time display of current pressure value;
  • Auto calculation of the degree of super-heat and sub-cool;
  • Various types of refrigerants are available;
  • Settable high/low-pressure alarm


Pressure measuring range: -14.5-500psi

Resolution: 0.5psi

Accuracy: ±0.5% FS

Measurement units: psi,kg/cm2, cmHg, inHg, bar, kPa, MPa

Offline Records: 9000 readings

Battery life: 160 hours

Maximum overload pressure: 750psi

Operating temperature: 0°F-140°F(-17.8°C-60°C)

Fitting: 1/8″ Male NPT

Dimension: 5.00″*2.87″*1.46″(127mm*73mm*37mm)

140 Refrigerant Profiles:

  • R11,R12,R13,R14,R21,R22,R23,R32,R40,R41,
  • R50,R113,R114,R115,R116,R123,R124,R125,R134a,
  • R141B,R142B,R143A,R152A,R161,R170,R218,R227EA,
  • R236EA,R236FA,R245FA,R290,R401A,R401B,R401C,R402A,
  • R402B,R403A,R403B,R404A,R406A,R407A,R407B,R407C,R407D,
  • R407E,R407F,R408A,R409A,R409B,R410A,R410B,R412A,R413A,R414A,
  • R414B,R415B,R416A,R417A,R417B,R417C,R419A,R419B,R420A,R421A,
  • R421B,R422A,R422B,R422C,R422D,R422E,R423A,R424A,R425A,R426A,R427A,
  • R428A,R429A,R430A,R431A,R432A,R433A,R433B,R433C,R434A,R435A,R436A,
  • R436B,R437A,R438A,R439A,R440A,R441A,R442A,R443A,R444A,R444B,R445A,
  • R446A,R447A,R448A,R449A,R449B,R450A,R451A,R451B,R452A,R452B,R452C,
  • R453A,R454A,R454B,R454C,R455A,R456A,R457A,R458A,R500,R502,R503,R504,
  • R507A,R508A,R508B,R509A,R510A,R512A,R600,R600a,R601,R601a,R717,R718,
  • R720,R728,R732,R740,R744,R1233ZD,R1234YF,R1234ZE