Elitech VG-760 Digital Vacuum Gauge HVAC Micron Gauge 0-19000 Micron 1/4″ SAE

  • WIDE MEASUREMENT RANGE & HIGH ACCURACY: Used to test system leak and discern vacuum pump quality of the evacuation in an HVAC and refrigeration system; accurate measurements from 19,000 Microns (atmosphere) to 0 Micron. Accuracy: ±10% or ±10 Micron
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Settable high/low pressure alarms, notifications will be sent when readings go beyond the predetermined value.
  • EIGHT MEASUREMENT UNITS: Easy conversion between 8 measurement units: inHg, Torr, psi, mbar, mTorr, Pa, micron, Kpa.
  • HIGHER PROTECTION LEVEL(IP65 Rated): ensure a deep vacuum throughout the entire system and prevent the mist when the refrigerant is caused by refrigerant bottle blasting.
  • Long battery life: powered by 3AA batteries, up to working 300 hours. 

VG-760 is a digital vacuum gauge for obtaining accurate vacuum measurements during filling refrigerants. It features a professional vacuum sensor to precisely test vacuum. The evacuation of an HVAC and refrigeration system is to evacuate the air and moisture in the system, which, if mixed with refrigerants, may produce an acidic chemical reaction, causing damages to the system in long term. Generally, a system vacuum should be below 700 microns so that the moisture in the system can be effectively reduced. The best vacuum is 300 micron. Common refrigerants cannot meet this requirement. VG-760 is used to test system leak and discern vacuum pump quality.

*The larger a system is, the more stable the reading will be.

If there’s a leak in the system, the reading will increase immediately because of high resolution.


Measuring Range: 0-19000 micron

Operating Temperature: 0℉~140℉(-178°C~60°C)

Fitting: 1/4” Male Flare

Auto Off Time: 15 min

Product Size: 5”*3”*1.5”(127x74x37 mm)

Power Supply: 3 AA batteries, Battery Life: 300 hours

Max Overpressure: 27.5 bar

Accuracy: ±10% or ±10 Micron

Resolution:0-400 1 Micron; 400-3000 10 Micron; 3000-10000 100 Micron; 10000-19000 250 Micron